To see what each step looks like on your phone, just click each step and check out the picture. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

  • Set up your new phone with the setup wizard. Android's Device Protection feature will automatically be enabled on your Alcatel OT Pixie 4 (4) when you add a Google account and set a screen lock.

    Device Protection protects your phone from being used if it's lost or stolen. Even if your phone is wiped, your Google account password will be required before anyone can use the phone.
  • 1. Scroll to highlight the required language and touch Arrow icon.
  • 2. Touch the desired data connection (e.g., Data enabled), then touch NEXT.
  • 3. Touch the required Wi-Fi network.
  • 4. Enter the required password.
  • 5. Once entered, touch CONNECT.
  • 6. Wait while the phone checks for connections.
  • 7. Touch No, thanks.
  • 8. Touch NEXT.
  • 9. Sign in to your Google account or create a new one. To sign in, touch Email or phone.

    Note: A Google account is needed to take advantage of Android features such as Device Protection, Gmail, Google Hangouts and Google Play Store.
  • 10. Enter your email address and then touch NEXT.
  • 11. Enter your password and then touch NEXT.
  • 12. Touch ACCEPT.
  • 13. Checking info…. will be displayed briefly.
  • 14. Review and select/deselect Google services. Touch v to scroll down.
  • 15. Touch NEXT.
  • 16. Scroll down and touch the desired option, e.g., Not now.
  • 17. Touch NEXT.
  • 18. To set up a screen lock and enable Device Protection, ensure Protect this device is checked. Touch NEXT.
  • 19. Select the type of screen lock you want to use. In the following example a PIN will be used.
  • 20. Enter your desired PIN, then touch >.
  • 21. Confirm your PIN, then touch >.
  • 22. Touch the desired option (e.g., Hide sensitive only) then touch OK.
  • 23. Touch FINISH
  • 24. Touch GOT IT to complete the set up process.
  • 25. The home screen will be displayed.