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  • 1. Electronic Device

    Turn off your device near high-precision electronic devices. The wireless device may affect the performance of these devices. Such devices include hearing aids, pacemakers, fire alarm system, automatic gates, and other automatic devices can be affected. If you are using an electronic medical device, consult the device manufacturer to confirm whether the radio wave affects the operation of this device.

    Pay attention to the following points in hospitals or health care facilities:
    • Do not take your wireless device into the operating room, intensive care unit, or coronary care unit.
    • Do not use your wireless device at places for medical treatment where wireless device use is prohibited.

    Storage Environment

    • Do not place magnetic storage media such as magnetic cards and floppy disks near the wireless device. Radiation from the wireless device may erase the information stored on them.
    • Do not put your wireless device and other accessories in containers with strong magnetic field, such as an induction cooker and a microwave oven. Otherwise, circuit failure, fire, or explosion may occur.
    • Do not leave your wireless device in a very hot or cold place. Otherwise, malfunction of the products, fire, or explosion may occur.
    • Do not subject your wireless device to serious collision or shock. Otherwise, wireless device malfunction, overheat, fire, or explosion may occur.
    Children Safety
    • Put your wireless device in places beyond the reach of children. Do not allow children to use the wireless device without guidance.
    • Do not allow children to put the device in mouth.
    • Do not allow children to touch the small fittings. Otherwise, suffocation or gullet jam can be caused if children swallow the small fittings.
    Operating Environment
    • The wireless device is not water-resistant. Keep it dry. Protect the wireless device from water or vapor. Do not touch the wireless device with a wet hand. Otherwise, short-circuit and malfunction of the product or electric shock may occur.
    • Do not use the wireless device in dusty, damp and dirty places or places with magnetic field. Otherwise, malfunction of the circuit may occur.
    • On a thunder stormy day, do not use your wireless device outdoors.
    • The wireless device may interfere with nearby TV sets, radio and PCs.
    • In accordance with international standards for radio frequency and radiation, use wireless device accessories approved by the manufacturer only.