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  • 1.

    Your Wireless Mobile WiFi device is an Alcatel Onetouch Link Y600 which:

    • Creates a 30ft hotspot around you for up to 10 devices
    • Allows devices to connect from their wireless network list (the same way you'd connect to any WiFi)
    • Doesn't require any USB ports
    • Doesn't require any cables
    • Doesn't need extra drivers, software or system requirement issues
    • Supports download speeds up to 21Mbps and upload speeds up to 5.76Mbps
    • Has 1GB of internal storage to save and share files between the connected devices

    You can take your Wireless Mobile WiFi device with you wherever you go…

    • Up to 40 hours battery power on standby
    • Up to 4 hours continuous browsing
    • Pocket-sized at 77mm x 77mm x 11.5mm
    • Lighter than most mobiles at just 95g